Andrew Willner has been a city planner, furniture designer, sculptor, boat builder, environmentalist, Permaculturist, story teller, and photographer.  He was Executive Director and Baykeeper at NY/NJ Baykeeper www.nynjbaykeeper.org for nineteen years and retired in April 2008.  In April of 2009 Mr. Willner rejoined the Board of Trustees of NY/NJ Baykeeper.

He operates a consulting firm, Sustainability Solutions, is exhibiting and published a book of his photographs.  In 2008-9 was a visiting public scholar at Monmouth University’s Urban Coast Institutewww.monmouth.edu/urban_coast_institute.

He is a founding member and continues to serve on the international Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors www.waterkeeper.org, and has travelled nationally and internationally to speak on behalf of the Waterkeeper model of water and habitat protection.

Since April of 2008 he has been a Principal Professional consultant in energy, transportation, and the environment to the Hugo Neu corporation www.hugoneu.com.

Mr. Willner is a sought after speaker on a wide variety of subjects including environmental advocacy, habitat restoration, and sustainability.  He is also called on to read from fiction and non-fiction works in progress, often supported by exhibitions of his photographs


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